Sketchup stutters

I have a MacBook Pro 16" (2019) running windows 10 on BootCamp.
It has Radeon pro 5300M so I do not think it’s a performance issue.
I opened a very basic tutorial file (2MB) with just a few furniture pieces that I was trying to just move and rotate. Take rotate command for example, every time the cursor moves around on the surface of any object would stutter/skip so much, it was almost impossible to do anything precisely.
I’ve already tried all the popular suggestions that I was able to find to fix this issue but nothing worked. Everything is up to date. I’m just wondering if anyone here had the same issue and found a solution.
Thank you!

BTW the same file was perfectly smooth when opened in SketchUp installed on macos.
But the whole reason I’m trying to learn SketchUp is to complement Revit workflow in Windows. So I very much prefer to have everything done in Windows without switching back and forth.