Painting one side only with color & pattern

Want to Paint One Side Only
LH Hexagon Feb 19 4 am.skp (970.5 KB)
My model has a number of sides. I want to paint one side ONLY with color and straight lines 9" apart. It should look like barn boards.

The animated GIF shows my progress so far. What should I do next?

Peter Enns

Make sure to select only the face you want to apply the material to. Don’t put the material on a Group or Component.

See this video Applying Materials

The wall on which I wish to add the 9" wide boards is a component. Does that mean I should explode it before adding the lines & color?

Peter Enns

No. Open it for edit, draw the lines, then color the new faces they create. Unless you need the individual boards for some other reason.

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Steve’s advice is good. If you did not open the wall for editing, the entire component would have the material applied. For example, the interior of the walls could be ‘painted’ and that would probably not be what you want.

As the others have said, paint inside the component if you don’t want the material painted onto the back face also. One word of caution…unless you want the same painting applied to all instances of that component, make it unique first. This doesn’t apply to groups, which are all unique anyway.