Coloring within pattern so that lines are still there

RH Hexagon Feb 10.skp (230.2 KB)

I’m trying to have the appearance of red boards on my building. How do I color between the lines so that the lines are still there after I apply the color?

Peter Enns

You can’t have the Black Lines material AND then put another ‘paint’ color on it. You need to change the color of the Black Lines material itself.

So, you would select “edit” and then change the color of the Black Lines material.

But you have also put the material on the component itself, rather than on the faces inside of the component. You want to put the material on the faces.

In this video I put the Default material back on the component and then put the Black Lines on the faces. The I edit the Black Lines material so the lines are 6" apart and the background is red.

EDIT: oops. The lines are 16" apart!

you asked the same question on feb 27, Colin gave the solution, you acknowledged.

if you click here

you’ll see al the topics you’ve made. many are redundant, because you don’t look back at them when you get stuck, you just start a new one.

1° you could start one massive thread with all your issues instead of a new one every couple of days
2° you should first go back to your previous issues when you get a new one because at this point you’re rehashing the same problems again and again
3° I understand this particular building is important to you, but it’s a complex shape. learning is easier when modelling a simpler model
4° have you considered taking actual class with a professor physically next to you?


@ateliernab Has a good idea here, Peter. You should use one thread for all of your posts. That will keep things in the same place and make it easier to review.

Keep at it: it’ll be nice to see your final Hexagon building.

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Peter, Rather fussing about trying to add lines why don’t you just use a seamless texture that can be imported into your SU model. Posting a link to one of many sites where quality textures can be downloaded for free.

No access to Chrome Web Store

I was unable to log into the Chrome Web Store. (See the attached screenshot.)

So, it looks I cannot use the SketchUp Texture website.

Do you have any other suggestions on how I can have something representing red barn boards in my SU model?

Peter Enns

In a word, speechless.

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I’m failing to see the link between both here… it’s a private website, not something on the chrome store.
I’m accessing it through firefox right now…

Peter, I don’t know what to say…… If you click on the link I posted it should take you to their website homepage ?? I do my web and internet stuff on an iPad (Safari) and it takes me right there.

Oh wait,

Sketchup texture club comes with some (too many) ads. including a big white band at the top or the bottom of the website.
I have an adblocker, so I don’t see it anymore, but I’ve seen it on trainee’s computers.

don’t click on the ads. they’ll likely send you to a store of some sort.

I guess I should have mentioned all the pop up ads. Pain in the a## but a good source for free textures. Do as “ateliernab” suggested Don’t Click On The Popup Ads.

Thank you very much for the reprimand. I appreciate your input.

Since that time I’ve made better notes and I hope this will never happen again. I’ll work more on indexing my notes properly.

I did pay a SketchUp tutor for teaching me online. I think I took better notes that time.

Peter Enns

See this SU file for ideas.

Boards for a wall.skp (238.8 KB)

Red barn boards
Thank you for the instructions. I’ve figured out how to do it, made highly detailed notes and linked them to a very good index.

I’ll never have problems with making colored boards again.

Peter Enns

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Looks good. I like the idea of taking notes.

Jean’s suggestions in the file he shared are good too. I would probably also make components for each board. That’s not a requirement. Just a preference.

Since your hexagonal wall has symmetry, you can create one half then copy this half, flip it then connect it with the other side.

The boards below the opening, in the central part can all be the same component. The same goes for the boards over the opening.

Then, the boards on the side need to be cut to adjust to the slanted side of the hexagon.

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