Paint with coloured patterns

Back in February, I asked how to colour a pattern. You sent me a video that included the attached screenshot that says “from video”.

I’m now using SketchUp 2024. It does not seem to have the editing panel from the video. All I can find is the panel that says “from SketchUp 2024”. I am unable to make that vertical line box red.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Peter Enns

You are showing the color interface from Mac while the interface from the video appears to be Windows.

So, with a Mac, how do I transfer the red color to the line pattern?

Peter Enns

it’s even simpler.

  • Apply your pattern (black and white)
  • click on the small house to see the materials in model.
  • double click on the pattern. at the bottom of the panel you can see the edition part pretty much like on a pc, you can edit opacity, size… and your cursor is now an eyedrop.
  • go to a different colour picker, the wheel, the pencils… and see how at the bottom, you’re still in material edition mode.
  • pick the colour you want
  • when you’re done, don’t forget to click on close bottom right.

Solid Shape.skp (120.5 KB)
I’m trying to apply the pattern to the model. Sometimes it works & sometimes it does not.

How do I make it so that I can apply the pattern every time?

Peter Enns

click on close.

when the panel at the bottom is opened, as you can see in your image, it means you’re editing the material. you can’t apply it if you’re editing it.

when the panel is closed (clicking “close”) you can apply materials.

I tried it both when it was open & when it was closed. (See the screenshots.)

The cursor looks like a paint can and a wall was selected. Still neither one would paint the pattern on the wall.

Peter Enns

Maybe your style are not showing textures…

Attached is my Styles panel. What should be changed to what?

Peter Enns

Check that you are using Shaded With Textures. It’s one of the other button tabs showing in your image. Below is a picture that should look close to your display. I also have the Styles Toolbar showing, which is a quick way to switch between styles.