How to create a parallel line effect in SketchUp?


I need a material(?) that can be applied to a coloured surface to give me a parallel line effect for a planking finish. Can a material be applied to a surface, and the background colour could still be adjusted?


Try using a grayscale image and then edit HLS.


Hi Geo,
The ‘deck boards tan’ material that you have used seems to have a ‘wood grain’.
I assume that I would need to find a material with no texture between the lines, or work out how to make one myself?


You could make your own. I drew this in SketchUp, exported as PNG and cropped tightly. Then I imported the image into SketchUp as a texture.

Then by adjusting the HLS settings, you can have any color you want.

By the way, are you really using SketchUp Free as your profile indicates? It also says you are using SU2015.


That looks exactly what I need! Your instructions sound straightforward (though I’ve never made a texture before!) so I’ll give it a go.
Yes, using SketchUp Free which I’ve had for a couple of years…


I assume you mean SketchUp Make, then. SketchUp Free is the web-based version.


Whatever its called, it was free and I downloaded it! Its definitely fun to use.


If you downloaded and it was free it is Make.
Please adjust your Profile to show this as it significantly effects what the answers to your questions will be.


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