Line colour can it be changed from default black

I would like to be able to draw lines in different colours. Even in layers mgr I can only use default
Anyone know of a work around

Edit the style and turn on “color by material” in the edges panel. Then apply different colored materials to the edges.


A quick demo of what @slbaumgartner is saying.

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This from the SketchUp Sage site…

In SketchUp, Click … Window (PC) > Styles > In Model > Edit > Edge Settings > Color: By Material
Then use the Paint Bucket tool to paint the Edges.

Note: Textured materials can be painted on in addition to solid colors.
But to help avoid blotting the SKP file size, make sure the materials you use have a small file size.

Also, if you purge your SKP file of ‘unused’ materials and wonder why some materials cannot be deleted from the home menu, those materials may still be painted on some edges.

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gee guys, i should have seen that, what a klutz. Ive been missing this for years (since su4)

thanx 10^6

gee guys, i should have seen that, what a klutz. Ive been missing this for years (since su4)

thanx 10^6

Still on the subject of lines, is there a way to construct different lines styles (like you can in Acad), you know like dashed line, dot dash, long short dash

that kind of thing

Use the same color by material method but create a texture perhaps?

yes agreed, su was never meant to be an engineering drawing tool, but its way of doing 3d easily was a total game changer (for me anyway coming from Acad - what a pig that was)

No, though this is a frequent request. You can do line styles in LayOut, but not in SketchUp.

Technically, SketchUp actually has edges not lines. (The LineTool is poorly named IMO.)

Color By Layer

Another option is to use guides on specific colored layers, and switch “Color By Layer” on/off as needed. I use a specific guides drawing extension that is easy to switch from edge to the various stipples via the right-click context menu (whilst the tool is active.)

* Guides (and Guidepoints) are an exception to the “always draw with Layer0 active” rule.

I’ve done such (i.e. Materials) - color is there in my SkechUp document.
However,… When I send the file to Layout - no colored lines.

I’ve looked through all the settings therein, and I can’t find anything.
No colored lines appear - despite my having them in SketchUp.

Any thoughts?

Probably you haven’t saved your style changes in SketchUp.



Please elaborate on how that is done - specifically,…?

FYI - I have saved the SKUP drawing, and the style (shaded with textures),
I have “updated” the Layout drawing in Document Setup - (so the drawings are in sync with each other)

I made the Layout drawing a Vector based drawing - for sharper clarity - (as it’s a deck framing plan)

I colored some of the support beams and framing members in SKUP,… (which do show as such in Layout.)

For some reason - It’s just the smaller colored lines (which are white, to distinguish themselves from darker solid backgrounds)

These dashed and/or solid lines - just don’t come thru colored. ?

Any additional thoughts?
Thanks Richmo

Is it possible to keep the line color black on color drawings than only change selected lines to change?

When i change the style to “by materials” the black lines all change color aswell.


Yes. Paint only the edges you want to show in a different color. Leave the ones you want to show in black unpainted. Here’s an example. I painted a few edges red and left the rest with the default material.

This is what happens when i Choose “by material” all the original black lines fade out.

That’s because you haven’t left the edges with their default material or you’ve painted the components/groups instead of opening them before adding the tan color.

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The only way i can get all the to go black again is to pant them individually. Is there a faster way to do that?

Open the component or group for editing, switch to Wireframe and select all of the edges. Then get the paint bucket with the default material and click to apply the material on an edge. All of the selected edges with get the same material.

Thank you very much!

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