Changing line's color

Hello everyone,
How can i change a single line color in sketchup pro 2016?
thank you’

Apply a material to it and change the Edge color to By Material in the Styles window.

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@DaveR was faster, but i colored more edges :wink:


Hi everyone! Guys, I have to admit I’m shocked. I’ve been using SketchUp for 6 years and I was sure having different coloured lines was impossible. Is this a new feature that came with 2016? :open_mouth: I thought changing the colour to “By Material” would also change the face colour. Wow!

No, it’s like this at least since V6…

It’s a setting from the “edge settings tab”, no face settings involved here.

Just a newbie, then. :smiley:

No. This has been a feature for a very long time.

By Material is in the Edge settings. This has nothing to do with faces.
Cotty’s fast!

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Thanks all! I definitely remember trying to achieve different line colours in 2013 and apparently I gave up too soon. @DaveR, compared to many SketchUpers here I am a newbie but not around where I live at least. :wink: Happy New Year to all! :christmas_tree:

wow that’ brill… need that fer years thanks guys now the big problem I have
can I color the line I’m drawing with hhhhh I’m using bezier curve on a image of a map to match railway lines …but I can’t really see the line I am drawing because the line I’m tracing is black …wouldn’t it be great if the curve i was drawing was red … asking for the moon :slight_smile:

You can change the color of the lines to something like “all the same” and change the color with the color selection dialog in the edge tab of the style settings.

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As @Cotty mentioned, you can change the edge color to something you can see easily. Also increase the weight of Profiles to help. Like I showed in this old thing from about 5 years ago.

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yep i can do thet as above but not while you are drawing the… it seems always a black line while you are manipulating it ?

You should see the selected color for all lines, even while creating them…

thanksguys but the line is black as draw it then changes to my colour when i have finished…tough to match it when it being drawn over a black line if that makes sense would love to find a way to clour it as i manipulate it :slight_smile:

I’ve tried with Beziertool and it seems to behave different. You can switch to xray mode to see the black line better instead…

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just wishfull thinking tried xray but …still is black as i manipulate it hey ho

Have you use Fredo’s Bezier Curve tool? Set the profile weight to 3 or something. Just get the curve in roughly. When you edit it, it’ll show heavy when you stop editing.


don’t know whose bezier curves I’m using but will look into that and will try that thanks guys
all my screen vids are coming out to big to share hhh

most of us change the size of the SU window to the sizes you see here and then use LiceCap or similar to make a gif at that size…



so much to learn even after 5 years :0
endless dare not even look at 3d prints :slight_smile:

Yes, but you get a lot of contrast to even a black image, don’t you?

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