Change the color of a line not an edge just a line

I want to change the color of a line not an edge just a line. I am drawing a wiring diagram and I need to trace the flow of current. I need to change the color of a line. There are lots of comments about changing the color of edges, but I can find nothing about changing the color of a line. I am using Sketchup 2019 I can upgrade to Sketchup 2020 just have not done that yet.

All lines in SketchUp are edges unless they are guidelines. You can apply a color to any edge in the model and then edit the Edge color to By material in the Style Edit settings.

After you edit the style you’ll see the circular arrows on the style’s thumbnail in the upper left of the Styles panel, see above. Click on the Thumbnail to update the style.

Thanks now I need instructions on how to get to my styles window. I did find it one day however couldn’t see any of what you mentioned.
Can you help me with that as well.


What operating system are you using? Please complete your profile.

If you are using SketchUp on Windows, it should be in the Default tray which normally is displayed on the right side of the screen. If it isn’t go to Window>Default Tray and enabled. Make sure Styles is selected there.
Screenshot - 4_22_2020 , 9_03_02 PM

And before you try editing the style, click on the little house icon in the panel to make sure you are looking at the In Model style.

Screenshot - 4_22_2020 , 9_03_15 PM

How do I apply the color? I go to my color pallet and pick a color and try to apply it to my line and nothing. I can color an object but not my line.


Put the circle at the end of the paint running out of the bucket on the edge you want to paint.

I am running widows 10 I clicked the house and I still can’t color or change the line color.


In which panel did you click the house?

Did you edit the Edge settings in the Styles panel like I showed you?

Are you selecting a color in the Materials panel and clicking on the edge you want to color like I showed you?

I am sorry but that is what I have been doing for three days. Very carefully blowing up my diagram and putting the circle at the end of the paint bucket exactly over the line and clicking. I can paint a box that way. I drew the line as a narrow rectangle and I can paint it but the exterior lines of the rectangle are still black. Therefore when the diagram is shown in is entirely the rectangle looks like a black line


Have you set the Edge Color to By Material?

How about uploading the SketchUp file so I can see your model and the style settings you have.

Can I have something turned off or on that shouldn’t be. I just opened a new file and again I can color an object but not a line.


I found a drop down that says “all the same”
“By Material”

“By Axis”

When I chose By Material it changed my line color.


Which is what I showed you way back in my first reply to you.

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I am not sure I can replicate this next time I need to but it is working for me now. Thanks so much for helping me.


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Can you help me with that it is a great idea. That would help me with a lot of other things that I learn and then don’t do again for months.

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