Can I change line color of a pattern?

I have filled a face with a brick pattern from the materials tray. I have used the edit function to change the fill color, and I would like to change the line color as well. Is this possible? I tried going to Styles > By material, but can’t find a way. In a related note, is there any way to overlay a pattern over another texture?

Using SU Make 2016 (I could use 2017 if I have to).

Line color. Are you referring to the edges that are bounding faces? If so, you need to paint them with the material. Easiest to do if you edit the Edge color to By Material.

As for overlaying patterns, you can’t do that in SketchUp but you could edit the material in an external image editor and make any changes you want to it, there before saving it. In Preferences>Applications make sure your image editor is set as the default.

No, I mean the lines of the pattern itself. So in this case, the line between each brick.

Oh. The mortar. You can edit that in your external image editor. Right click on the texture thumbnail in the In Model collection and choose Edit Texture Image…

So I just tried doing that in photoshop but wasn’t able to. I set PS as my external editor, but when the texture png opens in photoshop I can’t seem to make any color changes. Is PS not compatible, or is there something else I don’t know?

Oh, I think I figured it out. It seems to work if I right click and go. I had tried clicking on the icon “edit texture image in ext program”–though shouldn’t that work?

You right click on the texture thumbnail in the Materials panel, choose Edit Texture Image… The image should open in PS. Make your edits and then save the image. If you look at File Save as… it’ll show you where the file is to be saved. Make sure you are saving and replacing the original image in that temporary location.

I use an editor called PaintDOTNet because I can usually open an image, make the required edits and save the changes before PhotoShop would be open.

As usual, thanks for all your help!

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Just wanted to mention one more thing in case anyone else reads this…

The reason I was having trouble in Photoshop was that the pattern image opened as a greyscale image. I needed to change it to color, eg RGB (Image > Mode > RGB Color). Now I can edit to my heart’s content!

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