Need help modifying a texture

Hey guys, does anyone know how to change the colour of a texture, in this case bricks? I am designing a scheme that has multicoloured Venetian glass bricks on one entire wall of a restaurant. I have resorted to just changing the brick’s (texture that comes standard in SketchUp) opacity to make it clear like glass but I really want to change the colours of the bricks as it’s the main feature of the entire scheme. Here is a pic of what it looks like currently in SketchUp. I’d add more pics showing how I want the bricks to look like in terms of colour however I am only allowed to post one pic as a new user. Thank you.

Multi-colored means you have to do something other than modify the texture in SketchUp. Do you have a pixel editor to do that in? You might do that with the texture you have in SketchUp if you have chosen the pixel editor in Preferences / Applications. Probably the texture you are using doesn’t represent enough “bricks” to be right for what you want. It would be a repeating pattern of a couple bricks.

There’s no way in SketchUp to color the different bricks of a texture–except through a pixel editor linked as above. Maybe you can find a texture online that is what you want and import it into SketchUp. You could google “multicolored Venetian brick texture”.

Instead of a texture, you could assemble the wall in SketchUp of different brick components with different textures in each brick, if you’re up to that.

Here’s a quick example coloring a plain glass brick pattern from the internet. Obviously some shading problem with the original image, creating an unwanted repeat-- needs a better image to start, but that’s one idea.

This one was a jpg. modified in GIMP then imported as a texture to SketchUp.

Hey, thanks for that! Do you think you could send me the plain glass brick pattern as I still cannot find one like that and have been searching forever! I would really appreciate it. Thanks mate.

Yeah sure. Let me see if I can get some of the shading out ouf it, but not too hopeful.

It’s not really seamless, but this is the best I could get out of that image.

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