Changing color of texture

I have found a texture that happens to be bead board. It has a typical wood color to it. How do I change the color to white without loosing the texture itself. I believe this should be fairly easy. Thank you.


The Materials Browser in the Mac OS X and Windows versions of SketchUp are somewhat different.

It’s difficult to answer questions when you don’t tell us what you’re working with.
Might you go to your forum profile and fill in the blanks regarding Operating System , SU version, etc…

Sorry Geo for not updating before. I have gone in, and updated. I hope I have all of the information for my Sketch up profile

Materials Browser > In Model
Select the material > Edit Tab > HLS Color Picker

H = 0
S = 0
L = ~85

Have tried Googling white beadboard texture ?

Thanks Geo, I have found "white bead board texture, but now I also know how to change color and tint on textures. This really helps me!


How would you change the color on a mac?

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