Complicated patterns will form, simple one will not

Why won't the line pattern form lines?
As you can see from this animated GIF, it was easy to add a complicated pattern to a model. However, when I wanted to add lines, it would not work.

Suppose I wanted to add vertical lines 9" apart. How would I do it?

Peter Enns

Zoom in. The second pattern (lines) you choose is there, its just too small for you to see from that far away.

Why are you duplicating the patterns? Just select one then paint with it.

To make lines 9" apart. Select the line pattern as you did and paint the surface with it. Then change the materials to colors in model (press the house icon). There find the line patten in the swatches, right click and choose edit. At the bottom you can adjust the dimensions of the pattern, change to 9" and press return.


Thank you, that really helps ā€“ except for one thing. I want the barn boards between the lines to be painted red. No matter what kind of red I use, it either looks unnatural or it covers the lines.

How do I paint the boards red and still have the lines showing?

Thank you very much.

Peter Enns

Same process, edit the pattern and add some color to it.


Hey, I figured it out. I change the color while Iā€™m still in the edit mode.

Peter Enns