Out of the Box


My experiment with making chain mail took a bit of a turn from the shoulder piece.


Reminds me of the “winged victory” sculpture.


Yes it is somewhat reminiscent of her.

But the main discussion this seems to have evoked in people is, ‘is she facing slightly away from the camera so her shoulder is prominent and her arm tucked against her back, or is her torso twisted toward the camera so her shoulder is buried back in the folds of the cloth?’


Something a little more mechanical. I use these spindles a lot with work. Both left and right hand threads and Morse tapers and Chuck fittings.


Are you going to model them one day? :wink:


Here’s something of interest to only a few…

Thought this was going to turn into a 3D model of a developing hurricane…!


Here’s a quick demo of making a version of the spindle above. This one is a single thread therefore only needing four helices, the ones in the render have all 24 helices (6 threads), so far more detailed and slower to Convert with QFT and to SUbD.


A little bit of SUbD, MSPhysics and Twilight fun.