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I’ve had much trouble in the past trying to upload videos. That’s why I resorted at times to posting them as unpublished on YouTube and then providing a link. I do prefer the progress bar so you can scrub back to the critical point in time.


Always find your gif’s easy to follow. I say stick with what’s easy and comfortable for you to produce. Your tips and tricks are a huge contribution to us SU users and free for the watching by gosh :+1: :+1: :v:


Hi Box, I don’t care what method you use as long as you keep producing your extremely informative vids. Keep it up!


Haven’t posted anything for a while but I thought this Flowify breakdown might be of interest as people get confused by the flowify setup. This just shows the relationship between the ‘Flat Plane’ and the ‘Curved Plane’ in its most basic form.


Excellent :+1:

A school of linked twists. care of flowify.


One of these things is not like the others.
One benefit to building texture .png in sketchup is the ability to build in some 3d effects.
These three objects are technically the same thing. But one of them is a 3d object and the other two are textures made from the 3d object.
Can you see which is the real 3d?

I’m not sure how well this will show up as a screen grab but …
The two on the left are transparent background png textures made from the object on the right, the main difference being I turned on shadows before exporting the image to get more depth to the texture.

As I suspected it isn’t overly clear from a posted screen grab but I’m sure the idea is there.
I’ve edited the image for a clearer view.


A bit cold here this afternoon, so I needed a fire grate.
Fire Grate Warm


Now that is cool :+1:

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It would be much cooler with a roaring fire in it, I’m freezing my bits off here. I drove past a fertility clinic earlier and there was a queue of brass monkeys out the door and around the block.


This ay be a dumb question, but is it a solid?



Where do I learn to do that?

There is nothing involved in making that that I haven’t demonstrated already in this thread.
I have no secrets.

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Here’s a little group to vaguely demo the differences available from an array of a single wire.
These are all the same geometry.

Bent wire array03


Topology at work!

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Yes indeed, they are nothing more than slightly thickened and regularly spaced contour lines.

Here’s a Sketchup for IPad native screen recording and it seems to me that it probably doesn’t work too well as a tutorial as you can’t follow what the cursor is doing a lot of the time.
It’s a test for me, sorry it’s a bit clunky and has some errors but I’ve never owned a Mac of any sorts and the learning curve is a bit wobbly.
Not to mention that sketchup for iPad takes some getting used to.

Also testing if this recording will post directly from the iPad.
Nope, too big.

Ok, The native screen recorder made a 64mb file, I’ve badly converted it just so I can post it. Have to work out how to make smaller files.


At times, it seems a camera recording you iPad, hand and pencil might explain more than just a screen recording. I think the SU Team crew were struggling with this same question.

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How did you scale and copy at the same time???