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Ok, here’s a quickie with a random made up pattern. I didn’t bother with the treads and risers, you can array them after the shear before the bend.
I’ve used 90 deg for this but you can use smaller or larger bends depending on what you are constructing. This isn’t set to any specified legal stair slope, simply a 1m,.5m rectangle angled to 1m high and 1m apart. And I’m only saying the two sides look similar, I am in no way suggesting this would be accurate for making templates etc
The one above has a copy rotated then the end sections flipped to turn out, otherwise it is an infinite staircase.
The sections are all solids.


Nice result! Have you tried Flowify too?

Well aware of Flowify.

Nice! Now I see the ‘simple’ Simply complicated. :wink: Not to mention building the thing in real life.

Strangely mesmerizing.


Just throwing these in for anyone wondering about how to do a simple scene animation.
A radial and a linear array. Each Pair assigned their own tag. Turn on each tag in sequence and make a scene.


You have the cleverest simple ideas, that become immediately obvious as soon as one sees them — and seem to flow out of your mind non-stop!

So thanks for continuing to enlighten and educate us with your clever methods and clarity of approach.

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Thanks, and here is a mysterious render in my favourite black and red.

A bit of detail added while watching a boring movie.


Looks great!

@DaveR has some great simple animations using this method, his steam engine and sewing machine (i think from memory) to name just two. Perhaps he could pop them here, or a link.

Thank you, sir.

It doesn’t seem right to put them in your thread but since you suggested it, here are links.

Steam engine and sewing machine creating a lock stitch


I’ve just made a gif (Hope you don’t mind) from your vid as it is such a good example of what appears to be a very complex motion made with a series of static objects.

The steam engine is well worth the visit to the video.


No. I don’t mind at all.

One thing that might not be obvious in that one is the top part of the needle is behind a rectangle painted white with the edges hidden. The needle is similar to the pin in your cam GIf but the top part of it is hidden.

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Dear Sir

  1. please share plugin for you make this video
  2. thank so much !!!

I think you may have missed the point of the last few posts, the animations are made using scenes, no plugins used.

Thanks !!!
bút you can share video to instruction made this video by scenes . Thanks !!!

That’s what this is.