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Here’s a rather awkward gif showing a method for the blended pipes in the red section of the above image.
It’s right on the edge for the number of frames, so I was limiting my camera movement even more than normal, hence the clumsy arcs.
I’m not even sure it will load properly, way past my bedtime so if it doesn’t you’ll have to imagine it.

Cylinder blend

Night, night, sleep tight. :sleeping:
The gif is slumbering as well.

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Ok, it didn’t load, so here is a simplified pre-coffee version.
Blend cylinder


Yay. I wanted to see this video done! Now to pin it somewhere for all future requests? It looks like the resulting grid was all worked out cleanly. Can we see that? How do you get an even mesh with extraneous endpoints that are created in the intersect function?

Curviloft does a pretty good job of making the mesh neat. The more segments in your cylinders will make the transition smoother, but at the expense of heavy geometry,
I didn’t save the model so this is slightly different.


It’s important to remember that my gifs are only one way to do things and there are always many others. The copy paste option could be rotate and flip or the whole thing could be made in one rather than just one quarter. Other tools can be used, Tigs extrude tools for example. Or even a different tool within curviloft itself, depending on the shape needed.



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I tried to warn you! :wink:


@c_j_ryan :rofl:

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