Out of the Box

Just to follow on, you can see there is a rather bad joint in the middle, I would rather make it a nice smooth curve, this one I made just by chopping part off and joining them together.
Bad joint


As a mask i would prefer it this way, especially around the nose area, a rather sharp change. A smooth top … , yes. (just thinking)

oh yeah that’s a nasty joint. I’d never do something like that! (wish I could do that well).

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Yep me too, i wanted the ridge but I would prefer it more pronounced, i should have bent it more before I chopped it. I wanted it with a nose like a beak. I’ll work a new one when I get to it.

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Very cool!

A bit of a work in progress, its actually me working out the logistics of something I am building. It will be a mixture of glass work, metal work and 3d printing. It will eventually be built into a stained glass panel, much more sculptural than the average door panel. This is just to get my head around the structure, the detail and the rest of the design will expand from here.


I’m just curious, what is the finished size going to be?

Not big, only about 1’ or 300mm tall.


Just playing while waiting for a delivery.


Made me think of this. :smiley:


I wonder how well it would work as a yoyo. Probably make terrible noises and rip flesh from your hands.

I imagine there’s a certain subset of the population who would enjoy that.

Could you 3D print it with enough mass to make a decent yoyo?

Definitely, you could also pause the print and fill it if you wanted.


That lighthouse is so cool! Love it.

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