Optimization of drawing in Sketchup Maker 2017 PL

I am a new user of Sketchup Maker 2017 PL. I learned the program to draw elements for a 3D printer. I drew a certain object, but I encountered a lot of problems with making round horizontal holes in round vertical cylinders.

Drawing the drawing from scratch, I searched for the cause and observed the unexpected behavior of the program.

I have recorded a film as it draws elements and the moment when the program behaves not as I would like it.

Please help me if you can force the program to not optimize, move the vertices. The effect of “optimization” is that the overall elements are broken into fackendyliard elements. And some equilateral tiles are no longer equilateral. The lines that were to be parallel are not parallel. Drawing in other places than the drawing’s designer wants causes a lot of problems with faces. Cutting faces etc …

Sorry for my english.

Link do filmu:

What is this? I’ve heard of SketchUp 2017 Make but not what you indicate.

One problem I see in your video is that you are dragging the radius of the circles out in random direction. You should be dragging them out on axis. This sloppiness while drawing the circles creates problems when you start intersecting other edges or shapes.

I did not know that drawing circles should be along the axis. I will try, maybe it will solve my problem.

See the attempt to draw a line to a specific point from: 2:55

There have been several posts about the lack of control in SU over snapping points. Other CAD systems allow much finer control. What that means is that you often have to zoom in really close to ensure you are selecting the point you want, which is a faff. I don’t know why it wasn’t letting you snap to an intersection point on the circle. That does seem strange. However, to avoid all the zooming in and out and making sure you land where you want, here is what I often do. Draw the line from the point you want outside the circle to a random point inside the circle that is not a vertex but lies along your construction line. Then delete the section of line inside the circle. Does that work? (As you haven’t uploaded your file, I can’t check).

The video below shows what happens when I try to reproduce your issue. First I do it your way (no problem like yours). Then I do it my way (also no problem).

Out of interest, what is the scale of the object in your video? SU isn’t reliable working at very small scale and you often have to use the Dave Method.

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This is probably polish version :wink:


I recorded a second movie, in which circles I pull along the red axis. Does not help. The districts are already spoiling at the time of 0:59


don’t use the offset tool for this, it does not create new circles with a radius of original + offset:

it offset’s segments of a circle, not vertices


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