Not all materials are displayed white in "hidden line" face style

see screenshot - Does this material look normal to you?


  • it is applied only to one side of the surface
  • not applied to groups, only applied to raw surfaces

i am using SU 22.0.354 64 bit on windows
I have never experienced this before
Is this a bug?

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It seems if it’s forgotten to behave like a texture instead of an image. Was the jpeg inserted as image, first?
How did you applied it to the other faces? was it grouped already, or did you group it afterwards?
Can you upload an example file where this is happening?

It might be related to this bug:

Here’s how to reproduce:

Open a new (blanc) file.
Import an image and draw an edge.
Group both entities.
Draw a face, choose the paintbucket tool.
Sample from the image Group and apply to the new drawn face.
Check the 'In Model collection ’ of the Materials panel.
Set Face style to ‘Hidden Line’


:bulb: Thinking a loud …My guess is that material applied one of the Tag and the Color by Tag is enabled??
Perhaps sharing your model helps to someone check it…

I was able to “simulate” something similar by creating a material from random picture and applied to Tag and also to faces (It is on SU2021, currently I have no access to my SU2022 )

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very interesting…
The OP did not have ‘Color by Tag’ enabed, though, but I can apply a texture to the Tag color, too!

Hope they won’t fix the bug :slight_smile:

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I used a download image. But forgot how exactly i applied it…

Tomorrow i will try to recreate it and upload the file as requested by the forum members.

Your response it helpful in learning more about the intricacies of SU!

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Textures don’t show when on hidden line. As you can see the texture, it is either an image or it’s color by tag.

Discovered something interesting when testing this. If you have a texture with some transparency, the transparency is kept when in hidden line. That would let you do X-ray like effects in selected areas.

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Doesn’t this make you curious?

I love it!

Interesting difference with Windows and Mac, at least it seems that way. On Windows you can load an image to be the tag color, on Mac you can use any texture that is already in the model.

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That looks dangerous to me.

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You just have to keep one hand in your pocket. :smiley:

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Let’s hope this get’s no attention from the developers, it might turn in to a useful feature :slight_smile:

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Like clipping, this might have some practical applications…
It must be something like the same as using an image in a group as a texture. But that doesn’t show up in the Materials browser, as it does in the first screenshot in this thread.

Attached is a super simple test model (version 2022) and the texture file.

Model setup description:

  1. I started a new file. Copied from my archi model (see first post of this thread), I pasted a grouped rectangle that has the breeze block texture.
  2. everything is untagged
  3. no image assigned to tags
  4. I tested groups (no nesting, just one-level depth) as well as raw geometry
  5. the breeze block texture is a low pixel jpg.
  6. all materials are directly applied to faces. No material assigned to groups

My observations:

  1. I found that the ‘block breese terracotta.jpg’ texture is not showing up in the ‘In Model’ material browser. This does not look like normal behaviour to me.
  2. when displaying face style ‘shaded with textures’, right clicking on the breeze block texture behaves as normal/expected: the ‘texture’ tools are listed in the context menu.
  3. grouping does not make a difference.
  4. The breeze blocks are displayed in ‘shaded’ and in ‘hidden line’ face styles. This is unusual, I find

The fix that I found:

  • ‘make texture unique’ via the right-click context menu works just fine: The resulting new material DOES show up in the material browser and it DOES show white in non-texture face styles.

Thanks for your interest!
I love this forum


test_hidden line style.skp (402.7 KB)

That breeze block texture is indeed behaving very oddly.

Interesting, On Mac I am able to load any texture I have access to in the material picker, including ones saved in custom folders but not in the current model. This opens the door for some fantastic options in semi-transparent texturing while in Hidden Line. Also interesting is that the applied tag textures do not appear in the 'in-model" list but do persist through a purge and a save.

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So it was an image from a group used as a material. It’s indeed a known bug or feature.

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