Lines color by tags

Hello everybody :wink:
I’m trying to get a display with colored lignes without any faces.
Something like this :

Ideally I would have use this option :

Is there another way to get this result ?
Thank you for your help !


note : you have to paint every groups not just the faces

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Thank you Paul.
This works well if no other textures is applied on faces, groups or components.
In my case, I have scenes with wood textures for most of the time when I’m working and I want to keep that. This display with colored lines is needed at the end for a layout export.

According to your suggestion, I have to duplicate my model, then change all my textures on groups as you explained, and then export on Layout…
If TRIMBLE could add this feature, I could easilly set a color by tags and keep my textures as well…

Thank you anyway Paul :wink:

then there’s just an extra step go to the tag window and click on color by tag


you’ll keep your textures all you have to do is change the tags color according to your taste

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I just gave another try using the method you suggested in case I missed something. It seems that LAYOUT vector or hybrid renders loose colors when export a PDF file…
So no colors by TAG seems to be the only real option. But in this case, groups or components are displayed with colors everywhere included faces. Not only lines as I wished…

Note the use of Hidden Line
GIF 11-06-2024 8-38-44 PM


works fine in layout too !

  • change the style to hidden line
  • change edge color by material in style panel
  • turn on color by tag in tag panel
  • file > send to layout
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Bingo ! That’s what I wanted !
Thank you !

At the end, as simple as this !
Thank you very much !

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