No answer to our update problem

We have PAYED are update on internet from 2018 to 2019 but don’t have any licence but are licence number 2018 don’t work to update. We are very upset, we can’t reach someone to solved are problem.
I Don’t find the internet solution interesting when Something doesn t work it gets very complicated.

Who received the money? Was it Trimbal or a third party reseller? Did you get an email with the license etc? Check the junk mail folder in the account used for purchasing SU.

Trimbal receved the money.

We have PAYED are upgrade, the mail with the serie number and the autorisation number won’t work?

are assistance number is : 2373137

We need a quick answer my colleges don t speak english and I’ll be soon in vacation.

It’s becoming complicated to install sketchup ???

we work in french time, it’s hard to communicate problems by internet, is taken last of time wasted.

To upgrade 2018 we had problems to, but with the installation of layout. It s becomming complicated if each year we have to solved problems, we have to waste time and we are starting to have doutes on the fiability, if each year a simple update becomes a problem.
Thank for your help.

What are the first two letters and the last three of your license?

it s TA and ALR

Try changing the T to a U.

TA is for 2018 version
ALR means you got it directly.
Go here:

That won’t work when adding a license.

the problem is the same

On the site renem i’ve got : There is an issue with the serial used. The serial is case-sensitive when i use UA

Each version has its own serial number and authorization code:

  1. Your serial number and authorization codes don’t match the SketchUp Pro version you are trying to authorize (2017, 2016, …). Make sure they do! Read your e-mail with your license codes carefully!
  • The serial number of version 2019 starts with U
  • The serial number of version 2018 starts with T
  • The serial number of version 2017 starts with S
  • The serial number of version 2016 starts with R
  • The serial number of version 2015 starts with Q
  • The serial number of version 2014 starts with P
  • The serial number of version 2013 starts with N
  • The serial number of version 8 starts with M
  • The serial number of version 7 starts with L
  • The serial number of version 6 starts with K
  • The serial number of version 5 starts with J
  • The serial number of version 4 starts with I
  • The serial number of version 3 starts with G
  • The serial number of version 2 starts with F

The mail indicats T

But we updated for 2019

How much did you pay (per license)

I don t understand on tramble site it was to upgrade for 2019 ? how come we get 2018?

220 € with support

how can we suppose that T or U or … correspond to Something else to what we were ordering ? since we were updating from 2018

That would be the price of a ‘late renewal’ , meaning, you did not pay the Maintenance and Support fee for more then one year and less then 3.

When did you pay the 220?