New User Installation

Hi. I am trying to add a user through our account, however this user does not receive an invitation by email. I have another user that did receive the invitation and is using Sketchup Pro 2022.
I have searched the forums, and added and to the whitelist.
We have checked the spam and deleted folders with no sign of the email.
Is anyone able to shed some light? Thanks.

I am not sure why the invite didn’t arrive, but they could go ahead and make a Trimble account with the email that you used, and then sign into SketchUp, and it should work.

Currently the ‘djm’ email address isn’t a Trimble ID.

Thank you Colin. I’ll try that this afternoon and report back.

Hi Colin,

Did not work. The DJM address does not receive a code in order to create a Trimble ID, and when I try to create a new account with my original email address - it says that the email address is already in use.

Some email systems can hide messages even from a search in your spam mailbox. I wrote this post a long time ago, to give steps on how to find those messages:

If that still doesn’t work, support are able to activate the account at our end, and then the sign to SketchUp should work, even if none of our emails get through.

Hi Colin, Long time no speak. I have had our IT people on this with no luck so far. We were able to make out without this user logging in and using SketchUp, however we are at the point where access to SketchUp is needed.

I have tried all the steps again, with the same result. I do not receive a verification code to the users email address. You mentioned that support is able to activate the account without a verification email. Is this still possible? Thanks.

Yes, if you contact support and give the details of the account, and explain that even after following suggested solutions online, the user never receives a confirmation code.

Here’s the contact form: Contact Support | SketchUp Help

Thank you very much!