New user invite never arrived

Is Trimble also having outages because it is using AWS? I created a new user and assigned a product to my user and he never received the invite. I have deleted the user and recreated it again and still no invite email. it has been more than an hour now.

Trimble Connect had problems today, because of these things going on with AWS:

As far as I can see. Trimble ID and the account management portal, are working ok.

Your user need not wait for the invite email. If you see them as being the user for the subscription, they should be able to sign in within SketchUp, and the subscription should work. If it’s their first time of using that email as a Trimble ID, doing a practice sign in at would be worth it. Once they can sign in there with that email address, the same email and password should work in SketchUp as well.