New to Sketchup, need help

I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials online where people import a DWG. file and then draw a line from one corner of the wall to another and BAM! geometry magically appears from the cad file below. The tutorials do this with whatever architectural floor plan they have, but I tried simplifying it with a simple rectangle and I offset the edge to create a “wall”. Then when I import the file and draw the line, it does not create the geometry. Am I doing something wrong? For importing I check the boxes in the options box before importing, then once imported I scale the drawing and then when I go to draw the line it doesn’t work. FetLife

At a guess I would say the import is a group and you haven’t opened it for editing.
Double click on it or right click and select Edit Group/Component.

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There’s an overabundance of independent SketchUp tutorials online.
Many are produced by knowledgeable, skilled modelers.
Many others are produced by the well-meaning but ill informed.

The learning resources produced by the SketchUp Team won’t lead you astray.


Thank you for the “Official” tutorial site, Geo! I didn’t know about that. I’ve been looking thru the youtube.