Newbie Having Trouble Importing a .DWG file


I’m new to Sketchup. I’m an artist’s assistant and my boss is designing cases for a lipstick line. Neither of us have ever used Sketchup before, but heard it’s great for making 3D models for 3D printing. She sculpts with clay and isnt good with computers, so I decided to give this a try. I downloaded the free trial of sketchup and got started. I created the basic model for the lipstick case with raised text on it. My boss wants a flat side of the case to have a stained glass design on it that she drew.

I’ve been using these instructions to try to import her lineart into sketchup. I vectored the file and everything correctly in Illustrator, and saved it as a .DWG file. However I can’t seem to import it into Sketchup. Sketchup always has an error. Is it because I’m using the trial, non-pro version?

Any help would be appreciated. If someone can show me how, I can upload the files so you can better help me with the situation. I’m a huge adobe suite veteran- this is soooooo different! Thanks in advance for the help!

If the trial is still active, then you will have Pro features, including DWG import.

As a newbie you should be using the online User Guide:

including this section:

Can you create a small DWG file that fails to import for you, and upload it here so that people can try importing it and, perhaps, tell you what is wrong with it? Preferably not one of your actual work files.


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