.dwg import failure, "Image File Invalid"

hello kind people

I am trying to import some .dwg files but keep getting the following message: Image File Invalid

any help would be greatly appreciated.

How should I prepare a CAD file for import into SketchUp? — SketchUp Help

The ability to import .dwg files is a Pro-only feature.


hi Gully, ive now convinced my boss to pay for the pro and then tried importing the files which opened in sketchup but as 2d. the files were emailed to me from a 3rd party and so I cannot adjust them in any way. not sure whether I am doing anything wrong or whether this is just the way it is. I have a basic understanding of sketchup but self taught only.

any assistance would be gratefully received.

Are you certain the other party drew the files in 3D?

hi I am informed that the drawings are in 2d with a 3d visual. are there any tutorials on how to take the drawings into fully 3d models?

Can you post an example of a DWG file that fails to import? Have you got access to a CAD program - what do you see if you open the files there?


We may be making assumptions here - what software did the supplier use to create the .dwg (just as SketchUp can export .dwg, so can other non-AutoCAD products!). Also, I’m not a .dwg expert - what does “2d with a 3d visual” mean? It could be that the 3d visual is in some form that SketchUp is not able to import.

i am wondering whether i can send a file privately on this forum as the people i am working for would not appreciate me circulating it openly, any ideas? my email is curleyjames9@googlemail.com so if anyone would take a look at the .dwg file id really appreciate an email.