Nearmap fails to import - any advice?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to import Nearmap imagery!..any know the process well?

I purchased a bunch of tiles through SketchUp Add Location (by the way, 200 tiles minimum purchase, which is far more than I need…cost about $18USD).

About 6 hours later I get four different emails confirming the purchase. One of those has note saying that my images have been released. There are no other instructions given.

I assume that the images are only accessible by opening up the same SketchUp model (fortunately I didnt delete it… there’s no warning!) and choosing Geo Location > Add more Imagery again. When I do that I just get this message:

I tried logging out of SketchUp and back in, but that didn’t help.

What happens after you click “import now”? That should retry the import.


Nothing happens. Screen disappears but no import occurs.

Attempting the process again generates another error message same as above.

Will you send me the email address you used in a private message so I can have support refund your purchase?

It looks like Sam had the same issue in January. I have sent the new order details to Erick, he should be able to start the refund in the morning, long before Sam is awake.

Thanks Colin