Error in geo location to import

I tried numerous times importing a geo terrain model. I am currently using the 2022 pro trial version. I have tried everything selecting a bigger region and the import or select the required region and import. the zoom level 14 or 5 only but its not working no matter what I tried. this is kind of important for me.

Are you trying to get the NearMap imagery? That isn’t available in the trial version. You’d need to first purchase a subscription to SketchUp Pro.

I paid for the tiles but something was wrong with my info so this order was on hold. After clearing that up they released this order and this message shows up when I open the add location tab.

“There was a problem importing your purchase. Would you like to import your purchase now? Make sure you have the correct file open. If you’re not set up to import your purchase, click “I’m not ready”. You can use Add Location but you will not be able to purchase more data. To see this message again, restart the add location service.”
There are two button at the bottom one is I’m not ready and the other is import now

I need help in importin the purchased tiles…!!

As I wrote, the NearMap imagery is not available for SketchUp trial users. You should be contacting customer service to get the purchase straightened out.

I Have a Paid subscription for Sketchup Pro 2022

Sorry. I thought you were the OP who claims to be using a trial of SU2022.

You should still be contacting Customer Support for assistance.

Sorry for the misunderstanding again I’m having the same issue as that user but I have a Paid Subscription, I just copy and pasted the question from him. That probably created the confusion.

For either of you, if you get stuck importing the paid for tiles you would need to contact support, and they would refund your purchase so that you can try again.

Use this form to contact them: