Purchased but cannot download Hi Res location

I am trying add a high res location (first time using this). I purchased the tiles a couple days ago and waited for approval which came yesterday. Trying to add the location download yields the following message

"There was a problem importing your purchase. Would you like to import your purchase now?

Make sure you have the correct file open. If you’re not set up to import your purchase, click “I’m not ready”. You can use Add Location but you will not be able to purchase more data.

To see this message again, restart the add location service."

Any help would be appreciated- Thanks

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Hi Dave
Thanks for your help. I have Sketchup Pro 2021 Version 21.0.391 64 bit
I am not sure how to complete my profile- any guidance there would be great too

Click on your avatar (the A in the circle in the upper right corner of the forum window) and then the person icon for Preferences. Then you should be able to get to where you can edit your profile.

What did you click when you saw the messages that popped up?

I clicked on File> Geo location > Add location. It takes me to the hi res location window (the parameter graphics flicker briefly on right side of window then disappear). The window shows the area that I purchased with the message in another window over the top. This window also has 2 buttons- " I’m not ready" and “Import Now” . I click on import now, the message over the top of the image window goes away and nothing else seems to happen