Add location errors

Background story is that I pay for the tiles but something was wrong with my info so this order was on hold. After clearing that up they released this order and this message shows up when I open the add location tab.

“There was a problem importing your purchase. Would you like to import your purchase now? Make sure you have the correct file open. If you’re not set up to import your purchase, click “I’m not ready”. You can use Add Location but you will not be able to purchase more data. To see this message again, restart the add location service.”
There are two button at the bottom one is I’m not ready and the other is import now

So I pressed import now and nothing happen.

I try login and out, reinstall the app, and restart my computer and I still can’t get it to work.

I am using SketchUp pro 2020 on a windows 10 computer.

Hi Andy

Does it ever stop importing? If so what error do you see? We might have to refund your purchase once again. Can you private message me your email address so I can have our support team start that process?

Thanks for your patience!

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