Import errors with Digital Globe location

I have SketchUp Pro 2018 and the add location is failing. It has worked fine in the past - no issues. It has not worked for over a week. I have looked at older threads on this issue - all of which were less than helpful. All of those threads say it’s basically a Digital Globe issue and out of SketchUp control. There is no way for me to report this issue to them if people from SketchUp don’t have a fix.

When I go to add a location the satellite image is not complete - and always missing images for the area I want. After selecting my region I click import and I get a failure. I have been able to import the simple “road map” version. the problem only seems to happen when importing the satellite imagery.

Missing tiles is a permissions issue that I have reported before. Where is affected seems to vary, but for you, just make sure there are no empty tiles within the grab area before importing. Try to zoom in or out, in the hope that the tile is read successfully next time.

Thanks. I have tried zooming to get them to regenerate properly. I have also tried panning around and letting the different images to regenerate. Hoping that I could “sneak up on” the area I want. Somehow the area I want is always missing. It’s almost like it generates all the tiles around my address/ location search but leaves the ones in my specific search unloaded. I have tried getting map locations in may different places just trying it to see if it would work. No luck same result every time. I have also the same location import with my free trial of SketchUp 2020 - same problem.