Geolocation - Digital Globe image does not load

The following message is displayed when I use the “add location” function: " Do not close this window. Please wait patiently. Large area imports can take several minutes to complete.". But the region I want to import the Digital Globe image is very small, even so the image is not imported, after hours of waiting. I’m using Sketchup Pro 2022 Version 22.0.354 64-bit. My computer is Windows 10.
What could be going wrong?

Hard to tell for sure with so little information. What is the location you’re trying to import? Where on the planet are you? Possible server issue?

The region I want to import is in Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina. In the city of Palhoça, where I live.

I got this in a few seconds.

I wonder if there’s a server issue near you.

Can you be more specific about the location?

The coordinates of the region are: 728246.067 East; 6942305.707 North. These coordinates are in the UTM 22 J projection. It is located in the city of Palhoça, in Brazil.

That went even more quickly for me than the previous one due to the smaller region. I wonder if you have an internet connection issue. Just to rule it out, try quitting SketchUp and shutting your computer down completely. Then restart it and try again.

I’m attaching the SketchUp file with the your location so you can move ahead with it but it would still be good to try clearing up the issue.
For Joao1.skp (2.9 MB)

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Thank you very much!!! I’m not having internet connection problem here. I’ve restarted my computer and tried a few times.

I don’t use this function often, but it might help if you go Menu: Help >> Sign out. Close Sketchup. Restart Sketchup. Sign in. Then try geolocation again.