Importing your site . . . . . (addlocation)

Importing your site…
Do not close this window. Please be patient.Large area imports may take several minutes to complete.

Using Pro 2019 have logged in etc. Imported standard (as sized when opening plugin) area of google maps image successfully. When choosing anything larger get above error message and SketchUp hangs, I have to kill application via task manager.

Also when I go to add location E V E R Y T I M E I have to click through tips. . . . I have got stuff to do!

How are you importing the Google Maps image? Google’s terms of use don’t allow for that and SketchUp doesn’t get imagery or terrain data from Google. What is the location you are trying to import? Can you share a screen shot of the area in the Add Location window?

What are you considering a “standard area”? What Operating system and graphics card? You put nonsense in your profile which doesn’t help. Please correct and update your profile.

Imagery is “Digital Globe” or whatever. . . which as far as I know is the only thing offered. Can you make some assumptions and give an answer, short of time.

Based on what little information you’ve provided and the nonsense in your profile, I would assume that either you have a slow internet connection or maybe an inadequate CPU or GPU so it takes SketchUp a while to process the data so it can be displayed and you are killing it before it finishes.

No network traffic.