Geolocation Freezes



I am aware that there are other people mentioning the same issue but none have been answered. Here it is:

When I grab a specific location on geolocation the whole program freezes, however the memory that sketchup takes up keeps on increasing in my Task Manager (at the moment it is at 2,400 mb). I know that these things can take some time but this is taking much longer than it used to. I have run the Sketchup repair tool and the issue was not resolved. Please does anyone have a solution? (I don’t think this has anything to do with drivers, the specific location, nor the amount of zoom in the geolocation window/grab).


Who else is mentioning this?

Are you using SketchUp 2017 Make as your profile indicates?


I think one of these is pro but yes, I’m using SketchUp 2017 Make


OK. Nothing recent. All more than a year ago.

So all you can get from Geolocation is the map image. No 3D terrain or terrain imagery.

What is the region you’re trying to get?

Have you tried updating your graphics drivers recently?


I am aware that I can only get the Openstreetmap stuff. I’m right now getting the region around Hebron Kentucky, specifically the airport, CVG. No, I haven’t updated them but everything else on my computer is working fine. I’ll give it a try but could you think of any other problems besides that in the event that it is not the drivers?


v17 uses IE for web dialogs, so look up posts for clearing the IE caches…



I’ll give that a try and I’ll let you know how it turns out


John beat me to suggesting clearing your IE caches. Make sure IE is up to date, too.


Unfortunately this did not work. I restarted my IE and also cleared the cash but the problem still persists.


Did you try updating IE? What version are you using?


Chrome 71, should be up to date


That’s not Internet Explorer, that’s Chrome.


Ah Ok. Thought by IE you meant any browser, my bad. I’ll fix the IE then



Clear the Internet Explorer caches, too.


It’s up to date (version 11) and I’ve cleared the cache. Still not working though.