Geo Location Causes Crashing


I am using SketchUp Make 2017 on a Windows 10

A couple of days ago I tried to add a geo location to a new project. The window showed up fine, but after I selected the region, when I clicked “Grab” SketchUp stoped responding, leaving me unable to add a geo location,

I’ve uninstalled and installed SketchUp as well as adding different regions on both maps, and it always stops responding.

Any help would be welcomed

When you installed SketchUp did you install it correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator?

What graphics card is in your computer. You profile shows, “Graphic Card Model” which isn’t useful information at all.

Oh, sorry. It is a Nvidia GeForce GTX750

And yes, and the error persists

Try updating the graphics drivers.

And yes what?

You should also read this.

I’ve got my graphic drivers up to date.

Yes, I’ve installed SketchUp by selecting Run as administrator.

I am aware of the recent changes in the geo location, but my problem isn’t mentioned on the FAQ. It’s just that when I try to grab a location, SketchUp freezes and stops working. I have to close the program through task manager as it won’t respond

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