Add Location Error: Can't import a snapshot from the District of Columbia

Hi Sketchup Community!

Whenever I try to import a snapshot from the District of Columbia using Add Location, the following message pops up:

Add Location failed due to an internal error (import snapshot).
If this problem occurs again, please consult the SketchUp Knowledge Center for assistance.

Whenever I try to import a snapshot from any other area other than DC (ie, Maryland or Virginia), it works perfectly. Not sure if this is an issue with Google Maps API or Sketchup.

I’m using Sketchup Pro version 15.1.104 on a mac. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I just tried to grab the White House and get the same error. Not sure of the reason yet, but can confirm and reproduce the issue. I’ll ask around to see if it’s possibly a restriction that Maps places on the data we’re collecting.

Thanks, @jody! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. :smile:

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I have the same problem in a remote location in Norway, so it is not due to restrictions in the map due to secresy

What is the quality of the aerial images? In many parts here in Finland the images are very low resolution satellite images and Google Maps won’t let you zoom in far enough to be able to grab terrain.


works ok for me but did not try GE so couldn’t look at time slider to check dates

I was able to import the area around the monkey house at the zoo with no problem.:smiley:

I have added location for that particular location several times, at you can see at the attached screen dump. You can also see the resolution.
But today, when I try to ad more imagery, I have no problems. A periodic errorer.

Does not look very good to my untrained eye. Have you tried in Google Earth and see what image looks like. GE also has a time slider so you can see other times Yours looks low elevation pic. PIC suppliers can very well sell various degree of resolution data a to users for same pic just matter of $$$. GE may give you info on seller also.
You have lots of layers enabled have you tried turning off all except the snap shot?
Can you tell us what location you are inputing

mac7595, did you try the capture like I did? DO you get the same results I got?

Dave, I just input Whitehouse and Washington DC, I just now input the District of Columbia like OP and got different pic.
In general I think your pic looks better than mine but both better than OP . I don’t know where he is. However I have posted before that what SU displays as location is not the same as location if one actually uses the USGS location data sheet. I previously compared Bouler location if you input actual city name per SU instructions vs using the actual lat , long the USGS cites.
Here is what I get, pic impulse response looks poor and taken at low elevation for DC that is.

I zoomed in a lot more than you seem to have done. That X in the center of your image is about 2 miles as the crow flies from the Capitol building. (monkey house :slight_smile: )

I suppose the search input should take you to the center of the municipality but that might be determined differently from agency to agency.

I would think USGS is the truth but that does not seem to be the case so I wounder all the folks using SU for citing etc. really know that. The boulder case I estimate error of 45 meters in long very small in lat. If you are using that center what happenes when you measure x,y model coordinates. I assume those are probably ref to state plane in the CONOUS but have not found any ref after much searching:smirk:

I don’t know how that affects getting locations for most people. I don’t usually care so much where someone like USGS identifies the center. I generally go to the address I need. But then I don’t need to use this feature in SketchUp very often.

They do not ID a center. In fact many areas will have a few moumnets. I would guess DC has a bunch. You then have to do a radial serach and they will list and you can find the prime one and get the location for that. In fact they have teams that will periodically check them and issue reports on the state of it. For example search in Boulder there is one located on the edge of the CU campus but they have not found it.
Here is a good link and if you follow the links it will cover how to find the data sheets. They have links to conversion programs etc. 15. Control Points and Datum Shifts | The Nature of Geographic Information good reading when you are snowed in.

You do realise the original question about Washington was over a year ago and the current poster is talking about northern Norway don’t you?

Thanks ! I missed that in total should slow down and read better. Although switch from DEC 14 to 2-3 -16 and from DC to Norway etc showing just the 1 day trapped me with the subject change. I’ll have to check and see if I have some option set wrong. That has trapped me before.
When I was working in over head data collection the US controlled the accuracy of the data collection and encryption for that matter but, with proliferation of various countries involved now now that is not so much.
I think there was a recent change where in accuracy will go to cm range but will take some time to bring those system on line.
Think I deed to drop this!!