Add Location High Res Imagie Download Access

I purchased SketchUp Add Location High Resolution Imagery. On Trimble account page, I can see a file in “My Products” page. How do I access my purchase imagery?

You return to SketchUp, open Add Location, and should see a message about importing your tiles. Make sure to be in the model that needs the tiles, and remember to do a save after the import. You only get one go at doing the import.

Ok, so I opened the model, Geo-location, add more imagery…,but do not see any messages.

I purchased the map date with my personal gmail address while using my offices licensed copy of 2020 SketchUp Pro for a work project. Could this have an impact on not being able to download into my .skp model? Thanks

Yes, it is dependent on your current sign in. Briefly sign in to SketchUp with the same email used when buying, then after the import you can sign back into the usual account.

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