Hi Res Nearmap Failed to Import


I’ve purchased quite a number of tiles for a Hi Res Nearmap image, which has failed to import. I kept getting a message saying that an error occurred and it failed to import. After trying a few times, the option to import has disappeared…

How do I get back to my purchase so that I can try again?

It will be a reasonably large file to download…

Here is the form to fill in, to request the refund:


As best we can tell, refunding an existing download that failed should clear things up so that the next attempt will succeed, but it is worth telling us more details, in case there is a bigger problem to solve.

I think that you successfully downloaded tiles a year ago, and I know that someone in New Zealand recently had problems. Of course, most problems affecting New Zealand don’t also affect Australia, but it could be related.

Thanks for this.

My first attempt was with my work PC, so I thought I would try when I got home with my Macbook Pro and different wifi/internet connection, where I also work with Sketchup.

That one also failed, so I’ll get the refund and try again.

I was successful at downloading the medium res image last year of the same location and roughly the same size area of the hi res image I tried today.