An error occurred while downloading map tiles

I have purchased some Hi-Res map tiles for a project I am working on and it keeps telling me “An error occurred while downloading map tiles”. Coupled with this, I am now unable to download any other geolocations, Hi Res or not. Any clues as to how to resolve this?

Windows 10, 64 bit


I had this same error when trying to import near maps. Can sketchup please resolve this?


I will 3rd that.

Purchased and unable to download Hi-Res map tiles with the same error message and subsequent situation as as Johnny2.

I am in Australia, Hi-Res files are provided by NearMap.

Welcome any advice for a solution.

Thanks you.

I have been away for a few days. I will give my colleagues a hard time about nobody checking in on the forum more often!

@Johnny2 Your download should still be accessible. Can you try again while connected to a different network, or even on a different computer? The download will still be valid for another 24 days.

@kristian2 Same thing, only yours is good for another 26 days.

@Russty Same again, with yours being good for another 29 days.

I hope that another network or computer will help one of you, we could then think about what is different on your main computer. If you do need to use another computer you could download SketchUp and sign in with your email, to do the tiles download. Save that file, and send it to your main computer. Make sure to sign out in SketchUp on the other computer when you are done.

I just wanted to add name to the list as well. Same issue; purchased NearMap tiles and get the same error message. I just updated to the latest SU version as well and I have tried a different network still no change.

Also I thought maybe it was a windows firewall issue but turning that off didn’t help either.

Hi @colin

Thanks for getting back in touch so promptly.

I attempted to download the tiles on a different machine and on a wifi network, but unfortunately get the same error message.

Also tested with firewall and real time scanning disabled with no success.

Curiously, I have successfully downloaded hi res tiles twice in September on the same PC and network. I have made no changes to my system or network.

As another solution I restored my PC to an earlier state just in case something had changed on my system and still no success.

Hopefully we can work this out.
Don’t be too hard on your colleagues.


Thanks for the feedback @Russty, I will check with @Bryceosaurus in the morning.

I do want to be hard on my colleagues!

Hey All:

Same thing here - I just purchased a subscription to Pro, precisely because I want to use this feature! I hope they fix it soon…

Added to the chain if this helps at all! Same error here still.

I have had some feedback from the Sketchup team with suggestions including uninstall/reinstall, deleting cache etc but still no joy for me unfortunately. Also I’m still unable to load any alternative Geo-Locations of any type as it is still stuck on the import tile screen

As I understand it, the only option is to ask for a refund. Part of the refund process will clear the outstanding entitlement, and that would unblock add location.

If you already have an exchange going with Support you could reply to say you have tried everything, and can you have a refund. If you are not yet in touch with them, send in the details on this page:

Hi Everyone

We are working with Nearmap on this one. Something is wrong on their side which will cause all Nearmap imagery to be blank. I will update as soon as i have more information.

One thing to note is anyone who is seeing the message "An error occurred while downloading map tiles” needs to request a refund. That typically indicates that an issue is occurring which is preventing the delivery of your Nearmap imagery. Refunds reset our system which will allow you to purchase again and that typically resolves the issue.



i am a regular user of add location, using the purchased near maps option.
i am also now in a frozen error loop, and cant use the application at all.
i am in Australia.
(payment for the service has been collected!)

Hey All

Nearmap purchases should no longer be blank.

Anyone who’s seeing a loop like James describes likely needs a refund on their Nearmap purchase. Please Private message me your email address and I’ll get the support team on that.

Also if you purchased yesterday and your purchase was blank also send me your email address and I’ll also request a refund for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Thanks Colin and Bryce

Followed your advice and requested a refund via the support team, which was processed very quickly, and have made a new purchase and downloaded the Nearmap hi-res imagery successfully just now.

Appreciate your assistance.


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Hi there - I normally don’t have a problem importing nearmap tiles, but then, my imports are usually small. Today however, I purchased over $300 in high resolution tiles and got the “an error occurred while importing tiles” message. It started out fine - downloading for about 40 seconds at around 8Mbps; then the download just stopped and the error message came up. Wondering if it has to do with the size of the overall download?

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