Navigating to Model Info causes Sketchup crash

Not sure what else to write, this has happened to me many times now. There is no common series of actions. Sometimes I click Window then Model Info and that instance of Sketchup just crashes and closes, all work lost.

This just happened to me again within the last five minutes. Since I also have the SU Slow to load models on a powerful Windows system? issue, this is a pretty rough combination. The model closes then it takes me about 10-15 minutes to get it loaded up again.

slow load:

  • close the outliner and material tab before opening a document
  • ensure that the model is near the model room origin especially after importing a DXF/DWG (or use the concerning import option to avoid)
  • purge affected documents by “Window > Model Info > Statistics > Entire Model > Purge Unused”:

  • if purging doesn’t help either, you could also unhide everything, switch on all layers, select all and copy/paste to a new document


  • try if disabling all plugins allows to open the model info
  • update the graphics card driver first
  • drop the Quadro P5000 (if not req. by other applications) and switch to e.g. the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (being faster anyhow) second
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Any common characteristics to the models where the crash occurs?

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That is a handy checklist you have there, thank you!

I have tried selectively disabling plugins and that had no effect, so unless it’s a combination of plugins that cause the issue I don’t think it’s the plugins. I use very few plugins these days.

My graphics card drivers are up to date. Usually not an issue with the commercial cards, the premium you pay isn’t for performance, it’s for stability and support. Still a great suggestion and I checked again from your suggestion.

The Quadro card is replaceable (MXM) on this laptop, but I work in SOLIDWORKS more than SketchUp, so the Quadro is definitely preferred for most of the software I use. For my typical daily use, this is the best graphics card available.

The only thing I can think of is that I often times go to Model Info to manually set GPS coordinates. I often do that right after changing the date and time. That’s the only thing I can think of, but that’s not always what I do.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but this also occasionally happens when I open up the dynamic components dialogue box as well. Those are typically the only times I’m opening up a dialogue box, so perhaps it’s more to do with that? I never have this issue with opening up Enscape settings.

It is quite possible for extensions to interact in ways that cause SketchUp to crash. You should first test by disabling extensions completely (e.g. by renaming the plugins folder) to see if that makes the problem go away. If so, turn on half of them and check again. If the issue reoccurs, the problem is in that half, so turn off half of that half and repeat. If SketchUp still runs ok, turn on half of the disabled half and repeat. Keep going in progressive halves and you will quickly zero in on the culprit (or eliminate extensions as the cause).

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I rarely use most of my extensions, so I went ahead and disabled all but those from SketchUp and Trimble directly. If that helps, I’ll know that I need to start slowly going through all of them to find the culprit.

When you originally installed 2018 did you use the more accurate installation method, Right click on the downloaded install file and choose Run as Administrator. Note this is different to being an Admin on your PC.
If not, do this now and choose Repair when given the option.
I’d also be looking at firewalls and Antivirus, other issues have been reportedly caused by FW/AV running during install.

You could try a forum search on issues related to manually set GPS coordinates.

if you get an error “No entity data returned.” opening the component options dialog or an “Callback function error: Unable to get property ´length´of undefined or null reference @ /dcbridge.js[601]” opening the component attributes dialog, this is a known bug caused by a faulty intepration of several character combinations in the file path of the component as an Unicode Escape Sequence:

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