MySketchUp Account locked

UserAccount is Locked. Please contact your administrator.
this message appare when I try to access to MySketchUp. I tried to create another account but I have not a valid invitation


Were you logging in via Google or Trimble? What did the “UserAccount is Locked. Please contact your administrator.” look like on the screen? Can you post a screen shot?

I received another invitation for another new account and now it works fine.
instead for the old account still fails to connect look the screen shot.



Is there a solution to this? I am having the same problem. I have attempted to set up two Trimble accounts so I can access the extension warehouse. Both accounts have been locked before I can even log in. Very frustrating.

Not sure why you’re getting this (I’m checking on what’s generating it). Do this: try logging in in a Private / Incognito window in any browser, to extension warehouse or 3dwarehouse. Does it work then?

OK, checked with internal group doing this, and they asked me to have you please check that you’ve confirmed your account by clicking the link in the email.

yes, I had confirmed


I’ve PM’d g. For the rest of you: 2 accounts set up with Trimble, one confirmed and one was not. Guess which one wouldn’t allow login? @stephen_risse, my guess is that yours is probably something like this. Please confirm that you’ve responded via the email you used for the account, including checking your spam folder.

Hey Barry,

Same problem with the account associated with my real e-mail, which I woud really not rather post in an open forum.

As there is no ability to contact you people without being logged in, a user has no choice than to create another ID so they can come here and beg for help.

Your smart aleck reply to Stephen was nice touch by the way…

Would someone pm me so I can provide an e-mail of the account to be unlocked?


OK, @cdubea is checking whether they ever replied to the sign-up challenge email.

Just a general internet bit of info for all of you: if you sign up for an account on anyone’s service, using your email, you’re going to get an email sent to that account for you to verify. Otherwise, I’d have an or account on every service I could find to make sure people took good care of the billionaire they think I am. If you do not respond, you do not get in.

On our end, I’ve asked that we clarify that message so we don’t have to respond here or through our support channels.

Hi, I have the same problem. I have activated by confirmed the mail but my acount is locked. Any help with this please?

My account has also been locked. I’m fairly certain I’ve verified my email, but if I haven’t then I will try making a new account

@Barry, does a user get a verification email after replying to the confirmation, so say a week later they can go into there email a see that the process has been completed ?

No, from what we’ve learned recently, the email that’s sent is invalid after 24 hours, so respond, or do it all over again.

We’ve removed the email invitation process, so you should not be experiencing the same problems any more. You will still, however, need to get an account set up if you want to save your models on Trimble Connect.


My account is locked too… I have just confirmed email… Is there any other way to unlock it?

I had my class of students (about 26 kids) create new Trimble accounts for today. This worked very well for most of them however some of them never received the activation emails. I`m pretty sure that they correctly typed in their email addresses because if they tried registering again a message let them know that their account was locked (pending activation, I suppose).

Is there a way to get the activation email resent, or is it only a matter of waiting longer?

Thanks for your help,


Is it possible that the activation email was caught by your school’s spam filter?

@cmousseau, please PM your email address so that we can activate your account.


I guess that it might be possible, but it’s odd that 3 quarters or more of the students received the email. All their accounts are on the same email server.