Sketchup locked me out of my account!

Hi, I’m overseas in Spain and working on a project with a strict deadline and Sketchup has locked me out of my account! I’m beyond upset. It was fine for the past week and all of a sudden this morning is just told me I count access my account. I was able to continue working on the file I had open, but couldn’t access the warehouse, open any other of my existing files or start a new file. The attached photos are the messages I receive when I try to open a new file or get into the warehouse and the message I get when I try to access my account perspectively. I’m so frustrated, and as it’s currently 1 am west coast time, I have no chance or getting ahold of customer support for several hours at best. Anyone know why this is happening or have a work around in the mean time?

I have seen three reports today of this error. Two on SketchUp, one on LayOut. All on Mac…
This remedy probably helps:
Sign out of SketchUp via [menu] Help > signout email@address
Close SketchUp via [menu] File > Quit
Close LayOut as well

In a browser, head for
On the left, choose ‘My Products’
Click on ‘View included apps’

Hit the ‘Manage Devices’ button in the SketchUp app and confirm. (Also in the LayOut app, when you had it opened)

Start SketchUp again.(or LayOut)

We have had this in our office the last two days. All on windows machines.

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