My sketchup 2021 keep crashing

this window always pop up when I try to run skp, I try to reinstall it, not working, pls help

What happens if you choose an option? Does it bugsplat? If it does, you can send the report to SketchUp via the Bugsplat reporter-app. It will open a browser tab with a crash report number.
The Bugsplat reporter only activates when SketchUp previously crashed, the native Apple crash reporter will activate after a crash, so it might be confusing (at least to me)

These warnings might indicate that SketchUp is running from a location other tan the Application Folder.

Try one more reinstall:

You need to be sure that SketchUp or LayOut isn’t running currently. Check the Dock for icons that may point to priorly versions, best to remove those.

On Mac, the downloaded installer file is a .dmg file which has the old disc-icon from the time software was distributed via floppydisc’s and DVD-s. This disc icon is probably on your desktop.

Double clicking would popup a panel with two icons, you need to drag SketchUp’s icon into that of the Application folder, that’s it.
It’s a large file, so have patience while it’s installing (all the language versions and LayOut and StyleBuilder is included, too)
Once done, you can remove the panel and disc-icon from your desktop and run SketchUp by going into the application folder in finder or via launchpad.


I sent to skp, then I get this(the attached)

I have only 2021 version of skp on my dock and Application Folder. If I try to install an extension(.rbz), it will fail.

after I click the install disc icon, it pop up

You need to install in SketchUp,
[menu] Window > Extension Manager

Blue button on the bottom left ‘Install Extension’
Then select the .rbz file

I’d recommend a completely clean start. There have been some reports of something altered in the application’s folder that interfere with correct launch.

Delete SketchUp from your Applications folder, then also delete

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021

and any contents of

/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021

(you will probably need to use Finder->Go->Go To Folder to get there, as ~/Library is normally hidden) Copy the strings above and paste into Finder, as the spaces matter.

Then try the SketchUp installation again. When you see the installer window whose image you posted earlier, drag the SketchUp 2021 icon onto the Applications shortcut icon in that window. Then close the window and eject the installer .dmg from your Desktop.

I checked the bugsplat, and you are running SketchUp from the right place.

Check this page to see if you might need to do an uninstall of an older version of SU Podium:

Thank you, it’s working properly.

Can you say what you did that fixed things?

Idone nothing, its work again after I re-run it many times later.