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Yes, north of where I live you do need insulation in the winter. Someday I’m moving to a more northern area, because my grandkids and kids live in Maine and Minnesota.

I’m in Minnesota. I never saw evidence of destructor mites but had one chilly night… and a dead hive. Had I made ‘quick’ insulation panels ahead of time, procrastination would not have cost so many lives.

Mites and hive beetles run rampant in Arkansas. A healthy hive with hygienic bees can handle them, though.

Maybe I’ll give it a 3rd go in the spring. At the very least it’s a fair amount of expensive honey :).

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Wagon Wheel #1.skp (518.1 KB)

So the shed has doors and bee hives inside now. I’m afraid that’s all I can do, because with all that added, my popcorn laptop slows down and I start getting messages to consider upgrading. I think the screens inside the hive bottoms clog things up.


Log Dolly - #1.skp (259.9 KB)

I might need to make the lip a little longer to be able to lever a log up higher. This might need more work.

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Log Dolly #2.skp (405.4 KB)
I made another version called High Axle where a pulley and a rope or chain (not modeled) would be used to hoist the log.


Wooden Wheelbarrow (#2).skp (703.3 KB)

I decided to model a wheelbarrow like the one in the image (except with two wheels).
I used mortise and tenon for all but one floorboard. One floorboard had a drawbored dowel in the way, so I made splines on each side to connect to adjacent floorboards. I will make more
scenes and edit/update with a new skp later. The skp #3 is updated with 11 scenes that show
Wooden Wheelbarrow (#3).skp (844.2 KB)


Wheel Table #1.skp (465.4 KB)

Thought I’d try making a model of a wheel table. The top has glass textures on the top and bottom faces. I probably could improve by making a curve in bottom of the aprons, but that
will be another day.


Wheel Table #2.skp (493.2 KB)
I made some changes, including curved apron bottoms, square ended dowels in the aprons with mortises to match, and battens behind the aprons to support the dowel mortises that support the wheel.

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Measuring Tools Box #1.skp (285.3 KB)

Box with inserts for measuring tools. The skp has lots of scenes with dims.


Coping Rail and Stile #1.skp (102.3 KB)
I read another topic about coping rails and stiles and saw how @DaveR answered the ops question in video clips. I felt like I should know how to do it, but I have never done it before this attempt. It took me long to figure it out and I found it kind of tricky to figure out what parts to copy and what parts to erase. Anyway, the flip tool distorts the tiny edges. I don’t thing Dave used the flip tool for the coping profile parts. I thought I would try it. I ended up using native trim some but mainly move/copy, cut, edit component, paste in place, and then
figuring out what to erase. It took me a while to final figure out. I had to use the Dave Method
to get solids because of tiny edges. It was quite an exercise. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I used the Flip tool to make the bottom copy of the rail from the top and to make the right hand stile from the left.

Maybe you could use fewer edges in the curves.

I should have used fewer curve segments for sure. I had to draw lots of connecting lines that could have been avoided with the flip tool. I do like the new flip tool.


A thing to consider for thinks like profiled rails and stiles. There’s no point in getting overly dear about the exact shape of the profile. When the door is viewed as a whole, the fine detail won’t be visible. A simple representation will do the job just fine. The same goes for the raising on the panel.

You know how I always pole vault over mouse droppings. I need to keep things simpler.


Oval Table #1.skp (276.2 KB)

The skp has 7 scenes, including some with dims.


Do you do any of this to actually make it in a wood shop or just for the virtual world?

Some day if I live long enough, we will move to a new place where I can either have my own shop or use a community shop. Using primarily hand tools on a back porch just doesn’t cut it. It’s a long story. Until then I can plan and I can dream.

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I paid monthly fees to a makerspace with some great equipment, but just never would go use it. I’ve done a few things with a saw horses in the carport, but there’s nothing like having you’re own shop.