Models by Royce

Blue Jay #1.skp (205.5 KB)

The Blue Jay is tougher to outline. Here you see my progress using a translucent rectangle superimposed over an image. I turned on endpoints this time, because of many tiny arcs. I use the line tool instead of the arc tool. I divide most lines 3 times, select the middle section and bend it ever so slightly to match the outline I’m tracing. The sages, like @mihai.s, have shown us in videos how to do this, and it works for tiny bends better than the arc tool.

You could try this way:

  • use a 2D graphic software of your choice (like GIMP maybe)

  • use an online converter PNG 2 DXF

  • import dxf into SketchUp Go

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Another, better way.

Blue Jay #2.skp (436.8 KB)
The bird is broken down into 38 components (by color) for marquetry purposes. I used
tag colors (as close as I could match them).

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Robin.skp (886.4 KB)

Robin with 10 components.

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Turkey #1.skp (3.4 MB)

Last marquetry bird for a while. Two scenes and 9 solid components are in the skp.

Box for Sharpening Stuff (1).skp (155.8 KB)
The skp has 7 scenes that explain dimensions, including the inset shelves for stuff like whet stones, etc.

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Box for Scraper Stuff #1.skp (135.1 KB)

This skp has the same box as for sharpening stuff but with different inserts for scraper stuff. I didn’t try to copy the scenes from the sharpening box of the box parts. I don’t know if that is
even possible in GO unless I just inserted the changes into the sharpening box skp. I’ll leave
it as is. I did change one side of the box by putting in two dowel mortises.

Shed Floor Plan (1).skp (114.4 KB)
I made this model to see how all my woodworking stuff will fit in a storage shed while we get our house renovated. That way it can be locked up and out of the way. I just made cubes the dimensions of the items to be stored.

ahh, finally, a woodworking shop to store all your models. it’s about time ! :slight_smile:

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Oh, it would have to be much bigger, if I ever get to start making my models. My to be built list is massive. I mainly just dream about building things.


This is also my principal hobby.


Dream Shop (1).skp (699.6 KB)
As long as I’m dreaming, I went ahead and played with a dream shop footprint. I just picked an octagon to see if I could think of a good use for 8 different 12’ by 10’ rooms and one big
26’ diameter octagon (long dia.). Now with thousands of dollars, I could equip it in a new location. Oh well, that’s why it’s a dream.

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Royce, your work is tremendous, but is anyone else having trouble reading the text typeface in the Dream Shop model? Maybe my eyes are worse than I thought.

Yeah, I know you can’t zoom in enough on the forum, but you can on the skp. I guess I could apply texture to the text since the boxes are all solid.

When you click to enlarge it, it’s a little easier to read with the texture color applied to the floor.
Texture on the face of the lettering didn’t make it any easier to read.

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Wagon Wheel #1.skp (518.1 KB)

This wheel is close to 3’ Diameter. I’m going to eventually model a small bee wagon for a few hives. I’m thinking about covering the wheel with rubber tread and the outer sides with something like a bicycle rim.


Bee Wagon - #1.skp (489.6 KB)

I saw the image in the screenshot and decided to make a wooden version. The shed is big enough for insallation and a few hives that are double hive box high. Note there is a gap at the bottom of the face for the bees to fly in and out. The shed needs some more work, such as doors to get to the hives, battens and screws to connect the sides, top, bottom, ends, and
a texture for the roofing. I only used the shed to figure out the dimensions of the wagon. I would
strap the shed to the wagon before trying to move it.

That’s gotta be trippy for the bees, no?

“Hey Bill, wasn’t the hive over here when we left?”

I like it!

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Your right. Bees don’t handle moving very well. You have to move them more than two miles or else they try to return to their old site. You can move them two feet a day, and they adjust.

A nice addition might be removable insulation panels for a standard bee hive - which to me means Fleet Farm ;^). It’d be nice to just latch panels on for winterization.