Missing Materials in material pane 2016 Pro

Has anyone else experienced an empty pane when they open their materials browser? Suddenly today all of my materials won’t show up. They are still in their source location, but no preview when working in sketchup. I have no idea how to access them. I’ve tried restarting, removing all plugins, readding them, but nothing seems to work.

Are you speaking of the materials that ship with SketchUp, or your own custom materials in a personal folder ?

What does the dropdown control in the Materials inspector read ?

What happens if you choose “Materials” in the dropdown ?

If still no materials,… did you remove any material collections via the Material inspector’s “Details” menu lately ?

There are no materials in the drop down. I have not removed any collections.

Did you reboot the computer ?

Is SketchUp installed on the system drive ?

Have you installed any SketchUp plugins recently ?

Have you done any system updates lately ?

Make sure you do not have a app called “Plays.TV” installed.

You could run SketchUp Diagnostics and post the textfile here:

I figured it out. Somehow my entire Sketchup2016 folder was marked as “Hidden”. Once I made if visible again all of my materials are visible again. Thanks for the support.

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Excellent! Give yourself the solution “checkmark” then.