Materials Window - Folder Disappeared when I installed 2021

Hi. I had a custom folder that showed up in my materials window. I loaded version 2021 and now the folder is gone and only the items that are used in the current model show up, but under different categories. Did anyone else experience the loss of a custom materials folder in Sketch 2021

This is a common thing when you update to a new version of SketchUp. It doesn’t disappear. SketchUp 2021 installed as a new program. The previous version should still be installed, as well. You need to add your custom folder to the list. It’s similar with local components collections and styles.

Ah ha. I do see the list in the old version. Can you tell me how to add it in the new version or point me in the right direction ? Thanks !!!

Probably the easiest thing would be to put your custom materials folder(s) in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Materials*. Then when you open SketchUp the collection(s) should show automatically in the dropdown list.

(*path from memory)

Thanks much Ill give that a try.