Cant find materials

so iv used it for quite some time but all of a sudden i can’t find my materials.
all my models have them and if i click on them in my model they show up but i can;t find them can anyone help me with this

thx in advance

Can you show us a screen capture?

Please clarify what you mean by “can’t find them”. Are you trying to find the materials files on your disk? Do you mean that they don’t show in the materials window? Something else?

If you mean the tray, look for Window-default tray and click the materials tab
If you cannot see any tray because you have two monitors and unplugged one, try to reset the workspace in Window-Preferences-workspace

this is what i see when i try to get like a wooden floor or concrete all that stuff is gone
and restting the workspace doen’t work

The materials tray in your image shows an empty local collection named “Materials” in the upper pane while the “In Model” collection is open in the lower pane (which is, by the way, reversed from typical usage though not illegal). Have you copied any materials from the lower pane to the upper one yet?

no i have not how can i do this “ctrl C” ?

On further research (had to start up a Windows emulator, as I am on a Mac where the materials window is very different) it seems that the “Materials” panel should be showing icons for each of the built-in materials folders. Try clicking the menu arrow 53%20PM to the right of the selector box that says “Materials” and choose “Refresh”. If that doesn’t work, try “List View” from the same menu.

I wonder if you have an installation error. When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator from the Context menu?

also make sure you have set the Face style to 'Shaded with textures"

View->Face Style->Shaded With Textures