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If I do enable an ICF option I don’t think it is necessary to model the ICF blocks with so much detail. Too much detail will dramatically slow down the model and make it sluggish (polygon count would be too high).

I will give this some more thought.

Hello Nathaniel,

You would not need that much detail. The though is just the visual of the thickness of interior & exterior insulation and concrete thickness would be the only thing needed to visual effect. These are also the only things that would be variable within the assembly.

Tyler Dicker, P.E.C.

Project Manager / Estimator

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What color typically is the foam insulation in most applications?

In most applications it is white, with very small tinge of green blue.

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Version 1.7.6 - 09.14.2021

  • Added an ICF option for polyline stemwalls.
  • Added an ICF layer in the Global Settings under the “Layers” tab.
  • Fixed a critical bug with custom materials that was caused by the change in the location of the plugin’s data sub-folder.

View model here:

Let me know your thoughts on this latest addition. Is this a detailed enough representation for ICF? What other options might be useful?

I still need to enable this option for Stemwall steps, which I will do in the next few days.

Version 1.7.7 - 09.18.2021

  • Added an ICF option for stemwall steps.

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I’ve been thinking about adding in a Door and Window module to the polyline stemwalls. However, I’m not very familiar with what is common practice as far window and door bucks go.

Any feedback or drawings/details would be greatly appreciated.

Now that I’m on the subject of windows it may also be useful to add in some sort of window well feature:

Window Well Options:

Type: Steel
Shape: Rectangle, Arc, Trapezoid
Vertical Offset: