Medeek Shear Wall question, unable to draw shear wall


I’m unable to draw the last shear wall on my garage. There’s also a weird anchor outside the foundation, maybe a remnant from something. I tried to delete it but it came right back. Any assistance is much appreciated, I really like the Medeek extension. I’ve never used SketchUp before so I am going at this as a total novice but the fact that I was able to get this far speaks volumes to Medeek’s usability.

I removed the Left and Right posts and the anchor because my plans call for 5/8 OSB Nailed in an aggressive pattern to strengthen the walls, but no anchors.

Thanks for creating a great product!

001_foundation.pdf (2.2 MB)

Garage 6.skp (2.1 MB)

That is a hold down anchor. Just delete it and purge your file it should go away.

Hello again,

Thanks for the info about the anchor.

I have deleted it now, but I still cannot draw the rest of the shear walls. I want to have all shear walls all the way around. I can set the first point for the shear wall but when I click to set the second point the dialog at the bottom of the screen never changes from Click Second Point for Shear Wall Location…